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Psychotherapy for Adolescents & Adults in Manhattan Beach

Yifat Block, Psy.D., LCSW

Welcome to my practice; I've been a therapist in private practice in the South Bay for over a decade. Having found me, you are most likely looking to make some positive changes in your life or you're trying to help a loved one. Beginning therapy, or finding a new therapist, can feel like a difficult, scary, and daunting task. The good news is that the most important and effective quality you need in your therapist is simply that you like and feel comfortable with them. Trust your gut. The relationship you form with your therapist is what paves the way to growth. Learn More Contact Yifat

Are you looking for a change?

Maybe you feel like you’re in a rut or you’re on an internal journey to better understand yourself. Perhaps your family is stressing you out or your relationship is bothering you. Maybe work or school is overwhelming and you’re not sure how to manage it. Perhaps you find yourself turning to food to avoid difficult feelings. Happy events can also bring up unexpected feelings. The birth of a child, an engagement, or a graduation often comes with mixed emotions. I can help you. Together we can better understand your patterns and create new ways of being in the world so you feel more connected, more joyful, more energized, more aware.

Therapy is an investment in yourself. It can deepen your self-awareness and lead to long-term change in your life. The relationship that you will form with your therapist is what paves the way to growth. I work to provide a safe environment for my clients where together we can better understand past patterns, current struggles, and create positive ways to move forward. I alter my approach to best suit each client's individual needs and I integrate techniques from many theories to do so.